Up-to-date list of primitives for MUtil.ini

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    Chris Torr
    August 7, 2020

    Update the [PRIMITIVES] section in your MUtil.ini file with the following so that the Supported Primitives button in MUtil shows no Unknown primitives.

    ;Format is =
    0001=Check Case
    0002=Reset WWT
    0003=Get Session Size
    0004=Update Session Size
    0005=Load CCR
    0006=Store CCR
    0007=Set ATR File Record
    0008=Set ATR Historical Characters
    0009=Get Memory Reliability
    000B=Memory Compare
    000C=Memory Copy
    000D=Query Interface Type
    000E=Set ATS Historical Characters
    000F=Memory Copy Non-Atomic
    0010=Control Auto Reset WWT
    0011=Set FCI File Record
    0012=Set AFI
    0013=Card Unblock
    0014=Lookup Word
    0015=Get Configuration Data
    0016=Get Transaction State
    0017=Exit to MULTOS and Restart
    0018=Update Process Events
    0081=Reset Session Data
    0083=Call Codelet
    0084=Query Codelet
    0085=Exchange Data
    0086=Query Channel
    0087=Get FCI State
    008A=Query Cryptographic Algorithm
    0089=Platform Optimised Checksum
    00C1=DES ECB Encipher
    00C2=Modular Multiplication
    00C3=Modular Reduction
    00C4=Get Random Number
    00C5=DES ECB Decipher
    00C6=Generate DES CBC Signature
    00C7=Generate Triple DES CBC Signature
    00C8=Modular Exponentiation / RSA Sign
    00C9=Modular Exponentiation CRT / RSA Sign CRT
    00CB=GSM Authenticate
    00CC=Generate Random Prime
    00CD=SEED ECB Decipher
    00CE=SEED ECB Encipher
    00CF=Secure Hash
    00D0=ECC Addition
    00D1=ECC Convert Representation
    00D2=ECC Equality Test
    00D3=ECC Inverse
    00D4=ECC Scalar Multiplication
    00D6=AES Decipher
    00D7=AES Encipher
    00D8=Triple DES ECB Decipher
    00D9=Triple DES ECB Encipher
    00DA=Check BCD
    00DB=Get Replaced Application State
    00DC=Modular Exponentiation CRT Protected / RSA Sign CRT Protected
    00DD=Get AID
    00E4=Secure Hash IV
    00E5=Initialise PIN
    00E6=Read PIN
    00E7=Verify PIN
    00E8=Get Process Event
    00E9=Reject Process Event
    00EB=RSA Verify
    00EC=Flush Public
    0104=Update Static Size
    0105=Memory Compare Enhanced
    0106=Memory Copy From Replaced Application
    0107=Manage Stack
    0109=Get DIR File Record
    010A=Get File Control Information
    010B=Get Manufacturer Data
    010C=Get MULTOS Data
    010D=Get Purse Type
    010E=Memory Copy Fixed Length
    010F=Memory Compare Fixed Length
    0111=Add BCDN
    0112=Subtract BCDN
    0113=Memory Copy Non-Atomic Fixed Length
    0114=Convert BCD
    0117=Get Available Interface Types
    0180=Set Transaction Protection
    0181=Get Delegator AID
    0185=Set PIN Data
    0186=Get PIN Data
    0187=Get Data
    01C4=Generate Asymmetric Hash General
    01C6=Generate MAC
    01D0=Modular Inverse
    01D1=ECC Verify Point
    01DC=Configure Read Binary
    01DD=Memory Copy Additional Static
    01DE=Memory Fill Additional Static
    01DF=Get Static Size
    01E1=Generate Asymmetric Signature General
    01E2=Verify Asymmetric and Retrieve General
    01E3=Set Silent Mode
    01E4=Initialise PIN Extended
    01E5=ECC Generate Signature
    01E6=ECC Verify Signature
    01E7=ECC Generate Key Pair
    01E8=ECC Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman
    01E9=ECC ECIES Decipher
    01EA=ECC ECIES Encipher
    0201=Bit Manipulate Byte
    0202=Shift Left
    0203=Shift Right
    0280=Return From Codelet
    02DA=Block Decipher
    02DB=Block Encipher
    02E0=Generate RSA Key Pair
    0301=Bit Manipulate Word
    0380=Call Extension 0
    0381=Call Extension 1
    0382=Call Extension 2
    0383=Call Extension 3
    0384=Call Extension 4
    0385=Call Extension 5
    0386=Call Extension 6

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