MPWR:Sense - Secure and standalone, environmental sensor

IoT Horizon is an Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Provider with a four stage process for taking clients through Digital Transformation. The business has expertise in Software Development, Electronics Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Technology Selection and IoT Security. The MPWR:Sense solution, is a secure and standalone, Environmental Sensor that automates measurements of Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and Airborne Particulates. The technology has been piloted in the lab environment at Sci-Tech Daresbury and utilises the SIGFOX network, a low-cost protocol, for sending data.

Capturing environmental data is vital, as studies have found that indoor air quality has huge repercussions on productivity, decision making and communication, both in the workplace and classroom. The MPWR:Sense device is able to capture this data and alert users to any changes in the air quality. For example, when CO2 levels are at 1200 ppm for every 50 breaths that a person takes, they are breathing in air that has already been exhaled.

The solution has been designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, and the sensors can be customised. Designed with security in mind, the MPWR:Sense device has leveraged state-of-the-art security from MULTOS.


Secure and Connected Sensor Data

“As the world becomes more connected, digital security is crucial for protecting businesses from malware and other digital attacks”

MULTOS Security at the core

But why was MULTOS technology chosen?

The MPWR:Sense device has leveraged state-of-the-art security from MULTOS, enabling IoT Horizon to create a robust and highly secure solution.

MULTOS provides full end-to-end data protection assuring customers that the data captured can be trusted, complies with industry standards and hasn’t been manipulated.

MULTOS technology reduces the design effort for smart secure device projects requiring robust hardware root-of-trust protection, critical for many IoT solutions and businesses.

Its flexibility allows a high-security microcontroller running the renowned MULTOS operating system to be designed in as a supporting secure co-processor.

Key features of the MULTOS technology which can be leveraged for smart secure devices include protecting the device runtime, ensuring the identity of endpoints, securing critical data, simplifying the provisioning process, with enhanced flexibility and life cycle management, all while supporting low power modes of operation.

So a great example of how MULTOS can provide security and flexibility for smart devices.