Nano Board Details

The board has five sets of headers labelled JP1 to JP5. Header pins are supplied but not fitted giving the user flexibility.

  1.  JP1: Smartcard ISO7816 interface (except for CMD which is on JP2).
    • Rev2/A boards: SJ1 is an isolation jumper which can be cut  to isolate VCC from VGPIO. Important Note: VISO needs to be connected to VGPIO if using Command Mode.
    • Rev3 boards: Normally only VCC needs to be connected. However if separate supplies are wanted for the GPIO and ISO circuits (VGPIO and VISO) then SJ1 and SJ2 should be cut.
  2. JP2: mixed use pins
    • G8: GPIO8 or SCL
    • G9: GPIO9 or SDA
    • G10: GPIO10 or TX
    • G11: GPIO11 or RX
    • CMD: ISO_IO or Command Mode selection.
  3. JP3: GPIO pins
  4. JP4: FTDI Basic header connection. Replicates connections on JP1, JP2 and JP3 but in a convenient layout for connecting to FTDI USB-Serial devices.
  5. JP5: When closed the device operates in Command Mode, when open in Embedded or Smartcard Mode.

D1: This is an LED connected to GPIO6