Muti-function Active Wearable Technolgy

The Accesso Technology Group are the premier technology solutions provider to leisure, entertainment and cultural markets, and support over 1,000 attractions and venues worldwide including theme parks, water parks, cultural attractions, live performance venues and sporting events, and ski and snow parks. They wanted to launch an advanced wearable device called “Prism” to drive increased revenue for attraction operators and improve the guest experience.

MULTOS technology was selected by their design company as a secure micro-processor for the device. The device is toughened for rugged use and it supports multiple applications such as a que busting, push messaging, physical access control, proximity awareness, and closed loop NFC payment.

NFC Payment

MULTOS securing Accesso contactless payment

“The design leverages the secure multi-application processing of MULTOS providing an ultra-secure execution environment which protects the wearable device from malware and other digital attacks”

MULTOS Security at the core

But why was MULTOS technology chosen?

Incorporating the renowned secure MULTOS technology with the MULTOS M5 chip product, allowed Accesso to design in a robust secure element and multi-function micro-controller, thus protecting the device and supporting a variety of features.

  • A micro-controller with a secure element was needed for the payment and secure functions.
  • They wanted to protect their firmware IP via remote enablement.
  • Low cost updates were required and they wanted to avoid using a secure channel.
  • They needed a power efficient device to maximise battery life.
  • MULTOS with its PKI provisioning and other features perfectly fit these requirements.

Applications can be pre-loaded within MULTOS devices, or loaded remotely as required by the service or consumers. The core architecture facilitates flexible and cost effective real-time provisioning, avoiding traditional costly remote provisioning solutions. Third party applications such as payment can also be securely provisioned on MULTOS compatible devices.

So a great example of how MULTOS can provide security and flexibility for smart devices.