MULTOS is an industry-backed high security technology that delivers flexibility and innovation to many leading smart card issuers and digital device deployments around the world.

More than 2 billion smart cards and smart devices in over 50 countries are using MULTOS with hundreds of issuers from national governments, financial institutions, corporate enterprises, transit authorities to digital device solutions taking advantage of the security technology.


MULTOS provides financial institutions with the most advanced, flexible and future-proofed payment card platform available. It is the only multi-application high security platform originally designed by banks to meet the exacting demands of the payments industry whilst allowing secure co-residency of multiple applications on the same device.

Today, the majority of credit, debit, prepaid and contactless cards are being secured with EMV®.  MULTOS has EMV solutions on contact, contactless and dual-interface for all major payment networks including Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover and JCB, as well as a range of regional domestic schemes.

MULTOS is also ideal for mass transit solutions that require both a transit application and an EMV payment application to reside on a single contactless or dual-interface smart card.

Latest payment innovations include on-card fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication as well as metal cards for premium users.

Wearable Technology

Consumer adoption of smart wearables is soaring year on year with devices in the field expected to surpass half a billion units by 2025.  From wristbands, watches, jewellery to smart clothing, the range of smart wearable devices is now vast and with the added option to incorporate contactless payments, many devices are fast becoming everyday items.

MULTOS enables flexible application lifecycle management with trusted secure provisioning that many smart devices need.  Furthermore, its ultra-secure execution environment protects connected devices from malware and other digital attacks ensuring that the trust and integrity of the device and brand are protected.

MULTOS technology was originally designed with EMV payments in mind and as such, it is an ideal secure and flexible technology to use for provisioning payment applications as well as other applications that require equal security.


Security and trust are paramount for all identity schemes including national identity cards, ePassports, driving licenses, eHealth cards, access to government services or even consumer leisure services. Many also require longer issuance lifecycles and in-field usage as well as full control over the end-to-end delivery of the program.

MULTOS is a proven technology in providing secure, scalable solutions delivering digital transformation and improved user experience to a wide range of identity schemes including leading government national identity programs, welfare programs as well as consumer attraction programs.


Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) covers a wide spectrum of physical objects that are interconnected across several market sectors, from consumer devices such as fitness trackers and smart watches to commercial and industrial use-cases such as smart energy solutions and automated production lines.

The IoT market is growing exponentially with an install base predicted to exceed 75 billion devices by 2025.  As the world embraces this rapid digital transformation, the need for smart devices to have adequate security becomes significantly important. With many incidents of malware attacks and digital security breaches being reported to date, implementing security at the design stage must be a key consideration.

MULTOS technology provides an ultra-secure execution environment that can protect devices from malware and other digital attacks. Its design delivers on end-to-end security, easy provisioning and efficient lifecycle management, ideally suited for both consumer and industrial IoT deployments.

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