MULTOS Dongle - Felxible and Secure

The Proof of Concept consists of a MULTOS P5 chip integrated into a USB dongle which can be enabled with Test or Live enablement data depending on customer requirements. Any MULTOS application can be loaded into the MULTOS device depending on customer needs, however it is anticipated that many customers will select for the Trust core IoT and Cryptography applications to be loaded.

The dongle may be used as a security device on any product supporting a USB interface, this might be for software protection, and as (with the appropriate applications) a micro HSM for secure private key operations. It may also be used in development as an alternative to  a regular USB smart card reader and card.

Key use cases:

  • To protect software applications or physical devices, used as a physical secure key store for such applications which is far more secure than keeping keys within the application.
  • As a ‘micro’ HSM. Where the confidentiality of symmetric or private key materials need to be ensured.

Secure Key Storage

Flexible and Secure Cryptography Management

“The growing use of cloud is anticipated to fuel the demand for software protection dongles to maintain the authenticity of information. Increasing number of cyber-attacks and data breaches are resulting in high demand for hardware locks.”

MULTOS Security at the core

But why was MULTOS technology chosen?

MULTOS is recognized as the more secure smart card platform available and due to its inherent architecture it lends itself to this type of application.

The smart chip resists cyber-attacks and provides the strong security needed to protect a variety of applications and devices.

MULTOS technology reduces the design effort for smart secure device projects requiring robust hardware root-of-trust protection, critical for many IoT solutions and businesses. Its flexibility allows a high-security microcontroller running the renowned MULTOS operating system to be designed in as a supporting secure co-processor.

So a great example of how MULTOS can provide security and flexibility for smart devices.

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