Developer Boards

All Trust Anchor developer boards currently use developer versions of the M5 product range. Developer versions are loaded with known key sets that allow the development tools to load and delete applications without needing to connect to the MULTOS Key Management Authority (KMA). Applications developed on developer devices can then be securely loaded at a later date onto live devices, with unique secret key pairs, using certificates obtained from the KMA.


Development board for use with a breakout board. Provides on-board 3.3V regulator (for USB or external DC power), power on/off switch, USB to serial interface, LEDs for Tx/Rx, a general purpose LED and a push button switch.

Header pins provide access to the GPIO, I2C, SPI, serial and Smartcard interfaces (dual interface).

Simply plug in to your PC with a micro USB cable (supplied).

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Wide DIP32 footprint for bread boarding and general prototyping.

Plugs into the Development board for easy programming.

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Trust Core

This board is pre-loaded with a demo app which provides a broad range of cryptographic and key management functions. It is designed to plug straight into a Raspberry Pi ™ or Arduino ™.

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The Contactless Developer Board can be obtained by visiting us at one of the shows we are exhibiting at. It comes preloaded with two demo MULTOS applications, a fun “Secure Decision Maker” and a NFC tag emulation.

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Small footprint intended for building into prototypes. Breaks out all the used pins of the chip, an FTDI compatible header, provides some external power protection and has a built-in LED.

To program this board you will need to use either a) an FTDI compatible USB to TTL Serial converter, b) the smartcard interface or c) the serial port of the Development board.

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