“The MULTOS Consortium is an open membership body dedicated to the development and promotion of MULTOS; the high security multi-application chip platform”

Membership of the Consortium is available on a non-discriminatory basis to any company or organisation. The Membership is made up of representation from technology suppliers and customers of the smart device industry, including systems integrators and consultants not only from government and financial sectors but from exciting new markets such as Secure Connected Devices, the Internet of Things, and Biometric Technology Providers. If your company or organisation is an active technology supplier of MULTOS smart device technology, or is looking to become one, then membership will be of interest to you.

An Increasingly Connected World

Consumer demand and technology fuel the drive towards a hyper-connected society. One of the most disruptive trends in recent decades, this provides a glimpse of the future world we will inhabit. Benefits of convenience, efficiencies, and enhanced capabilities are all on offer. But with increased connectivity comes increased risk form cyber-attack. Securing our connected world is a primary focus for The MULTOS Consortium.

An Increasingly Automated World

Rapid development in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics technology is primed to shape our future society and provide significant business and consumer benefits. Reliable automation requires trusted data, protected whilst in transit and at rest, and potentially valuable, particularly if associated to payments or control of business or consumer assets. Securing automation is a MULTOS focus. Dynamic members provide Payment and IoT solutions and services leveraging MULTOS technology and innovative automation and data management processes. Some members leverage payment solutions to deliver consumer automation.

An Increasingly Secure & Convenient World

MULTOS is a key supporting technology for the convenience now enjoyed by contactless enabled customers around the world. Renowned for its flexible support of innovative applications MULTOS is at the forefront of developing and proving the next enhancement of that technology with fingerprint based biometric cardholder identification. As the only smartcard operating system to achieve the EAL7 security certification, the MULTOS consortium take pride in their association and leverage of the technology, which is widely used within payment products.

“The MULTOS Consortium aims to drive worldwide adoption of MULTOS as the high security, flexible multi-application chip platform, regardless of form factor, application or location”

The MULTOS Consortium membership plays a key role in specification development and marketing of the MULTOS technology. The Consortium has a strong customer and member-focussed approach to both of these. The Consortium is committed to ensuring MULTOS technology meets customer needs, allows competitive supply of products and services which continually evolves to meet emerging and future customer requirements. This is undertaken in an environment that encourages joint marketing of products and solutions among all members. There is an ongoing programme of activities and initiatives to support this approach.

For Consortium membership activities and membership options please contact us at info@multos.com

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