MULTOS Devices

“MULTOS is a premier digital security and payment technology with over 25 years protecting smart tokens, digital devices, and supporting innovation”

Over two decades of robust protection

MULTOS technology was originally developed by the banking industry to provide a high security O.S within a smart card chip that would host an offline electronic purse application. It had to be very secure to protect against the high risk of fraud where the card to card or card to device transactions were essentially offline.  The electronic purse was later replaced with online transactions, and MULTOS evolved to power over 2 billion secure payment and ID cards issued around the world. In the smart card world MULTOS is considered the premier security technology, and has been used in a number of very high security projects obtaining the Common Criteria EAL 7 (the highest band) security approval. So it has a solid heritage and it is widely used and trusted.

Supporting developing markets

MULTOS is an open technology where any company can use MULTOS products or services. To develop core MULTOS implementation for commercial sale a license is available. Today MULTOS is also used within the IoT and embedded device markets, where it is not only a highly secure and capable technology t0 protect devices and their data, but is also very flexible, allowing designers to customise the features and operation as required. The overlaid MULTOS O.S reduces the effort required for prototype development for designers due to its complete security framework, thus allowing developers to focus on creating the all-important value and device capability.

The core features of MULTOS include storage of sensitive data and digital credentials and the secure cryptographic processing of critical exchanges for authentication, privacy, integrity, and malware protection. Inside the tamper resistant hardware, the Secure MULTOS O.S provides Secure Storage and…

  • Each MULTOS IC has a Unique Digital Identity. Application credentials can be added if required.
  • MULTOS has its own Secure Boot Up Process, and can be used to validate the boot up for other ICs.
  • Internally MULTOS uses a Secure Execution Environment to ensure only authenticated application code is run.
  • Symmetric or Asymmetric cryptography can Protect Data, boosting existing communication protocol security.
  • Application and data updates can be Securely Controlled protecting the whole device lifecycle.


MULTOS technology capabilities for smart cards

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MULTOS technology capabilities for IoT, embedded and connected devices

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