“MULTOS is a highly secure and highly capable industry backed smart token and smart device operating system and supporting scheme. It is used within tamper resistant secure Integrated Circuit (IC) components along with application specific coding to provide complete security solutions”

Each IC is unique

For many digital security products, it can be critical to ensure the device has a unique identity within the network it is interacting with. MULTOS uses unique asymmetric key pairs (matched sets containing a public and a private key) and a unique IC identifier, generated during the manufacturing process to ensure a strong cryptographic binding of each IC to a specific product owner.

This is a mandatory process for some secure token markets and has been in use with MULTOS for over 20 years.

Integrated security

MULTOS technology is implemented on hardened processor IC components which undergo a security evaluation and provide secure functions such as power scrambling, internal data encryption, advanced error detection, and tamper resistance. Industry standard cryptography functions are leveraged such as, RNG, SHA variants, 3DES, AES, SEED, RSA, and ECC.

MULTOS has its own secure boot sequence and also implements a Secure Execution Environment (SEE)  which acts as an on-device policing agent, ensuring strict application and associated data segregation.

“Based on a set of standard specifications, the MULTOS technology offers a wide range of security features. MULTOS secure tokens were the first to achieve an EAL7 certification, the highest band of security approval from the Common Criteria organisation”

Flexibility ensures lifecycle agility

MULTOS supports a robust and controlled provisioning and lifecycle management process. Each IC uses its unique digital credentials to authorise initial loading of any externally required application code, which can be during product manufacture, or dynamically once the product is in use, and at any time in the product’s lifecycle as required. This can facilitate flexible product set-up processes required in some markets, and can also ensure products which may require regular functionality or security updates to be efficiently managed.

MULTOS can offer default functionality as required in some markets and is highly agile as it can be programmed with specific custom functions.

Industry and development support

MULTOS benefits from a long and prestigious history as a premier security technology and with that comes a wide support network of developers, consultants, and business that can assist with a wide array of projects. Often the valued support is a contributing reason for MULTOS to be selected.

The MULTOS specifications, technology and brand are supported by a dedicated company who will be more than happy to assist with MULTOS related digital security projects.


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