How to initialise more than one variable with halugen.

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    Chris Torr
    August 7, 2020

    This post tells you how you can personalise more than one static data item using halugen.

    halugen has a -init option that allows you to set the value of a variable in your MULTOS application by reference to its variable name.

    In many instances you may wish to set more than one variable. This is easy to do. Simply put the variables you want to initialise into a structure, then use the structure name in the -init option.

    #pragma melstatic
    char scheme[8] = "Big Bank";
    int points;
    char name[8];
    } perso_data;

    hcl -g eloyalty.c
    halugen -init perso_data=01F4536D697468000000 eloyalty.hzx

    The initial value for points is shown in bold (500 decimal), the remainder is the initial value for name (in this case Smith). Note that the string is padded to its full length.


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