Walletmor joins the MULTOS Consortium

London, UK – 20th December 2021The MULTOS Consortium, a group of international blue chip organisations responsible for the promotion and development of the MULTOS specifications, announced today that Walletmor, a pioneering technology company supplying innovative biotechnology payment implants has joined as a Partner Member.

MULTOS is a proven security technology for digital devices providing high security and flexibility. As a secure micro controller or a crypto co-processor, MULTOS protects smart cards for payments and identity, wearables and other connected devices. The Consortium consists of successful global companies respected in their fields of secure payments, identity, IoT, information technology, and digital security. These members form the beating heart of the MULTOS eco-system and as a member, Walletmor will be able to participate in the MULTOS Business and Technical Architecture Groups allowing them to contribute towards the development and growth of MULTOS whilst also benefiting from the Consortium’s marketing, technical, and networking resources.

Prior to the Covid pandemic and even more so since, contactless is rapidly emerging as the preferred method of payment worldwide and is fast becoming the leading application in-demand by consumers for NFC  technology. There is an increasing variety of innovative active and passive form factors for contactless payment available today, including key fobs, stickers, watches and other wearable devices, and now biotechnology implants. Some of the most convenient and consumer friendly are the passive type that require no charging or batteries to power them and function in a similar way to the widely used and trusted contactless cards. Secure solutions such as MULTOS are often employed within payment cards and devices to provide the all-important secure storage and processing of payment digital credentials. Convenience, user value and security are key attributes expected to continue driving the growth of this market.

Walletmor are an innovative new business who have launched a biotechnology implant, which can be used for open loop contactless payments. Walletmor’s device is the size of a small safety pin, half a millimeter thick, consisting of a microprocessor for storing encrypted payment data and a silicon envelope acting as an antenna, all enclosed in a hermetic bio-enclosure. The implant can be inserted under the skin and can be used to make convenient contactless payments.

Wojciech Paprota, Chief Executive Officer and founder of London-based Walletmor said “Our payment implant cannot be forgotten or lost. It is a convenient alternative to payment cards and mobile payments,   which cannot be easily stolen, scanned, photographed or hacked. The speed of global take-up of other technologies that are safe, convenient, and aggregate data is really encouraging, and I believe that one day implants will be as popular as payment cards. We welcome the support of MULTOS and are delighted to join the established global MULTOS Consortium and look forward to collaborating to assist with our mission and vision for future evolution”.

“Often leveraged for innovative applications, MULTOS has a long heritage in securing contactless payments around the world and has been employed to support a wide variety of advanced smart devices. The flexible and secure multi-application capabilities built into the MULTOS technology are ideal for innovative secure cards and devices,” said Paul Wilson, Commercial Manager of the MULTOS Consortium. “Walletmor are a leader in the passive payment implant market and we welcome them to the MULTOS Consortium and eco-system”.


About Walletmor:

Walletmor is a British Fintech startup providing the first open loop payment implant to residents across Europe. The biologically safe payment implant is installed under the skin, allowing the user to replace their bulky wallet with a convenient alternative to a credit card. The implants which are valid for eight years have been certified according to bio-compatibility standards ISO 10993-5:2009E and 10993-12:2021E, and support a simple implantation procedure. For more information, visit www.walletmor.com

Contact: Jan Matysik

E: jan.matysik@cumuluspr.pl


MULTOS is the most robust, industry-backed high security smart card platform, delivering simplicity and innovation to the world’s leading card and e-passport issuers. With a figure in excess of 1.5 billion issued smart cards and smart devices across more than 50 countries, thousands of issuers, including national governments, banks, corporate enterprises and transit authorities have taken advantage of the high security, multi-application platform for their deployment programmes. A wide range of applications including, EMV payment, contactless payment, authentication, digital identity, biometrics, loyalty and mass-transit ticketing, and connected and IoT smart devices may implemented, and co-reside, using a MULTOS powered chip. For further information, visit www.multos.com

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