MULTOS Smartcard COM component

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    Chris Torr
    August 7, 2020

    SmartDeck includes a really useful COM component for accessing smartcard readers, with a host of MULTOS specific features.

    htermlib.dll (listed as COM component MultosTerminalTypeLib) is used by the SmartDeck tools themselves but there is no reason why you cannot use it to easily add smartcard functionality to your own Windows applications.

    As well as the basics, such as

    • listing available PCSC readers
    • connecting to readers
    • selecting applications
    • sending APDUs

    you can also use this component to

    • load and delete MULTOS applications
    • list the applications on the card
    • get information about the type of card

    When loading / deleting applications to / from developer cards, it is even possible for the component to generate the required certificates for you.

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